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www.orchidsupplies.co.uk is now live, please visit our online orchid supplies shop today, where you will find an extensive product selection for all your growing needs. At Kool Orchids, we aim to promote the growing of orchids and provide an ongoing free source of useful orchid related information. I update an orchid diary blog on a regular basis providing you with an insight in to my orchid regime with useful tips and events. Some of my sales plants are also available. The aim is to promote the successful growing of orchids and the awareness of Akerne’s Rain Mix also known as the so-called “MSU fertilizer”- (Michigan State University). ******************************************************************************************************************Please visit our online shop today WWW.ORCHIDSUPPLIES.CO.UK


KoolOrchids is a place where you can find orchids for sale and useful information on orchid culture, hopefully this will grow into a valuable source where you will be a regular visitor. We will post on a regular basis on our blog so keep returning, also check out the orange RSS feed button where you can read all posts in plain text and subscribe. I have sold orchid plants on Ebay before and have 100% feedback, I am a trusted seller, my user id is www-koolorchids-co-uk. So please buy and browse with confidence .

Akernes Rain Mix-Buy Here

We are delighted to be able to offer you this feed as a UK distributor, we are now in a position to supply the feed to the general public. We are extremely happy with the growing results and the ease of use of this feed with rain, RO water or soft water. For further growing & feeding advice check out our guides on the website as they are related to this feed. This orchid feed is also extremely good value for money and therefore very competitive against alternative low concentrated feeds.

Masdevallia World CD-Buy Here

The Masdevallia world cd in my products list really is packed with great information and photos, so go on and treat yourself! I have this cd myself , I find it a super resource and cannot recommend it enough. I have had this cd for at least 2 years and it is the first thing I turn to when I want to look a Masdevallia up. The comments by the author Sue Skitterell are mostly based on experiences and like this blog you get a chance to delve in to the growers life! Get your copy now!

Orchid Growing Guides

Here we have care guides for orchid specific species including Masdevallia, Paphiopedilum, Cymbidium and more! Also general orchid growing articles and information. Just select from the links on the drop down menu from Orchid Growing Guides. This area is well worth a visit and should get you well on your way to growing better orchids. Whether you are a complete orchid newbie or an experienced grower you will find something of interest!

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