About Koolorchids

About Koolorchids

Welcome to Koolorchids, Enter the hub of everything related to the cultivation of Orchids, find out about us here!

Is a place where you can find orchids for sale and useful information on orchid culture, hopefully this will grow into a valuable source where you will be a regular visitor. We will post on a regular basis on our orchid blog so keep returning, also check out the orange RSS feed button(bottom right) where you can read all posts in plain text and subscribe.

I have sold orchid plants on Ebay before and have 100% feedback so I am a trusted seller, my user id is www-koolorchids-co-uk

So please browse and buy with confidence .

I am a hobby orchid grower so this is not a business as such but who knows what will happen in the future, my main interest with orchids are growing and collecting Masdevallia so my sales plants will be available; these are mainly potted divisions or orchid plants purchased and some I have grown on.  I also grow other orchids too, some being Restrepia, Dendrobium, Pleurothallis,Vanda, Cymbidium, Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, Coelogyne, Pleione and Cypripediums so keep checking out my website.

I show my orchids with my local orchid society and have won many rosettes to date and hope to meet some of you along the way!

I also aim to offer other orchid products which hopefully will grow along with the website such as the excellent  Masdevallia World CD by Sue Skittrell, ii cannot recommend this CD enough. Masdevallia World has a A-Z list of Masdevallia species with photos, growing information and has other featured sections including Culture,Taxonomy and more!

I cannot imagine how much hard work Sue has put in to producing this must have CD, so please take a look at it in the orchid related products section.

Sue Skittrell has given me permission to use photos or text taken from the CD and text from her book to use on this website where needed for descriptions etc, so special Thanks go to Sue!.

All my orchid plants are flowering size, unless otherwise stated.

Questions or feedback  can be submitted through contact us.

Follow us on facebook and Twitter(bottom right); where you can chat & share your orchid pictures with like minded folk, see the link on the website pages.

Many Thanks for now!

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