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Akerne’s Rain Mix Orchid feed

(NPK 13+3+15+11CaO+3MgO)

Rain mix is now only available at  order other products, we have an extensive selection for all your growing needs!

As orchids can flower at any time of the year, it is not always clear when one should use a fertilizer for growing or one for flowering.

This problem can be solved by using a well balanced fertilizer year round.

Following an article published in the American journal orchids (June 2003) regarding the development of a new well balanced orchid fertilizer, the so-called ‘MSU fertilizer’ of the Michigan State University, we have together with a few selected orchid amateurs redone the tests over a two year period and this with results beyond expectation.

This well balanced orchid fertilizer which we offer you today is the result of more than ten years of research.

This fertilizer in powder form has been especially developed for use with rainwater, RO water or soft city water.

Akerne’s RAIN MIX is based on the following principles:

 All the nitric nitrogen in this fertilizer is directly absorbed by the plant. This fertilizer does not contain any

      Urea ( a cheap nitrogen source) that requires high temperatures in order to be absorbed by the plant, resulting in a premature breakdown of the substrate due to micro-organisms.

        This fertilizer also contains Calcium and Magnesium, necessary for the cell production, it can feed both roots and leaves.

 A low phosphorus ‘P’ content. The study has shown that a high phosphorus content is not necessary for a better flower production in orchids.

 All necessary trace elements are present: Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B and Mo.

The price for this new fertilizer in powderform, completely soluble in water, is cheaper than our previous liquid orchid fertilizer (taken into account the NPK concentration and the volume/weight) and far cheaper than the low concentration liquid ‘Grow’ and ‘Bloom’ orchid fertilizers.


With the recommended dosage of ½ gram per litre at every watering it is not necessary to water with pure water in between.

We have been using Akerne’s rain mix and are delighted to be able to offer you this feed as the only UK  supplier, we are extremely happy with the growing results and the ease of use of this feed. 

As with all feeds you need to keep the lids tightly closed after use, powder feeds absorb moisture, liquid feeds evapourate so need to be kept air tight. Also don’t put any wet or damp measuring spoons in with any powder feed as the feed will absorb moisture and ultimately spoil it.

For furthur growing & feeding advice check out our guides as they are related to this feed.

We really don’t think this feed can be matched, it goes a long way; not like most other weak orchid feeds that you need a lot of to go a long way!

You will see great results with growth and flowers and nothing could be easier to use than 1/2 gram per litre @ every watering with no flushing.

1 level spoon(included) = approx 1.5gr  per 3 litres

Available in;

150 gram tub makes approx 300 litres

450gram tub makes approx 900 litres

2.5 kg tub makes approx 5000 litres

This feed can also be used on house and garden plants.

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