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Here is my orchid diary blog where tips will be available and regular posts about my growing regime, so basically a real inside look on how I do things and what I am doing. The good and the bad, hopefully mainly good!

Finally the sun has his hat on.

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It really has been a difficult winter so far, consistently cold so when the sun has made a brief appearance the temperature gain in the greenhouse has been very minimal. I don’t raise the day temperature artificially so rely on solar gain alone. The thought behind this is if you have heat but not enough light then the growths will be longer and spindly. Also it saves on the electricity bill, on the whole this works even in the UK. I just have to be more careful with watering and air movement when there are long spells of dull days. Yesterday and today the sun did raise the temperature and the light was good so the greenhouse felt buoyant, this heat gain is mainly helped by higher day temperature of 7c.
Days like today just give you a lift and a feeling of better to come when you are stuck within short dark days!
Happy Growing………………

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