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It is Pleione time…………

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It is the time of year when we sort the pleione collection, well it would be if I hadn’t left them in a unheated greenhouse! I have lost the majority of the collection and only have a few bulbils that have survived, hopefully you will read this and won’t take for granted previous mild winters like I did. Pleione need to be kept dry and frost free in winter.
Anyway I will still need to sort them but I won’t have many to pot up, but here is the procedure which is very straight forward.
Have your pots, damp potting mix and labels ready to hand.
Remove the bulbs, discard last years shrivelled bulbs and potting mix; cut off any old roots.
Place the new potting mix in the pot then insert the bulbs in the mix to half their depth, be careful not to damage the new flower bud which you should see around the base of the bulb. This flower bud should soon develop and flower.
Until new roots emerge watering is pretty much withheld, all I do is use a damp mix to start then lightly spray the potting mix surface when dry. When the roots are into the mix then a normal routine can be started, so water when the mix becomes slightly dry. From this point they get the same regime as my other orchids apart from they go outside when all risk of frost have passed.
If you have a few bulbs then space them about 1″ apart.

The potting mixes I have used with success are Coconut husk on its own;  or loam based john innes No 2 mixed 50/50 with peat then I add perlite or sponge rock. You can also add leaf mold, I am not too selective on mix for Pleione and sometimes just add what I have left over like some bark, grit.

The first year I ever grew them the mix got too dry too quick, the mix was mainly a bark based mix with moss and perlite. So make the mix water retentive but with good drainage, I always squeeze the mix in my hand to get a good feel of the mix then add whatever needed to adjust its composition.
Happy Growing………………

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