Orchid Culture

Here you will find orchid culture guides on specific species and genera.

Here you will find orchid culture guides on specific species and genera.

Here are some samples of content!

Growing Paphiopedilums By Gary Dobbs

I class myself as a novice having only grown paphiopedilums for around 3 years. However, my results are speaking for themselves as more of my orchids are receiving awards at various shows. Simply, I gathered a significant amount of information including plant culture, greenhouse conditions and feed. I then experimented with this over a number of years deciding what best suited my plants through close observation. Obviously, some plants benefitted more than others; but the majority I have found seem well suited to the conditions I am presently providing. There have been a few fatalities along the way but most are exceeding my expectations.


This is my personal growing experience of Restrepia and can say I am having great success with them, I don’t have too many; probably 30 or so. I first got my very first Restrepia from a orchid friend some 8 years ago and got to say I was pretty unimpressed with what Restrepia had to offer! It was a young plant in a 2 1/2″ pot, but  boy was I wrong about this lovely species, I was unaware that they can flower like a fire ball! After all I had only ever seen plants with very few little flowers on them. Well here is a picture of that very same plant and to find out my regime for growing them read on…….

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