Orchid Growing Guides

Orchid growing guides by Koolorchids will assist you in your quest for success, Masdevallia, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Vanda, Cymbidium and much more!

Orchid Growing Guides

by Koolorchids will assist you in your quest for future success. Orchid growing guides

We hope you find the orchid growing guides a useful resource and learn something new that may improve your orchid growing conditions, ultimately this will lead to better plant health and vigour.

We have general orchid culture advice aimed at a broad spectrum which will get you going in to the wonderful world of orchids.

For those who are hungry to learn more and want to tailor their conditions to best meet their chosen orchid species, then the species specific guides will help you.

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Here are some samples from the articles!


                   Growing Masdvallia M.-Brian-Charlescaesia-X-fraser

This article is purely what I do and what I think Masdevallias like, I am no professional so don’t profess to be the authority on the subject.

All I would say is take what you can from this and don’t just change everything you are doing on the word of someone else, saying this if you are not doing to well with your Masdevallias then you will most likely change more, than someone who is growing them relatively well.

I am having really good success with Masdevallias even though I don’t win them all, I wouldn’t blame my culture for many loses but the purchase of bare root plants that just didn’t make it in the end. This though was understandable as I have had a fair few of them, they need more nurturing than plants that are acclimatized and already have active roots. What is the saying ‘you cannot win them all’ and we all will have orchid deaths unfortunately.


Cymbidium( SIM-BID-EE-UM) are easy to grow and readily available  but the majority do get large so bare this in mind when choosing plants. The ones we normally readily see are standard Cymbidium hybrids which produce large spikes and big clumps of large bulbs. I have one that takes up about 900mm square of bench space and is now getting to a point where I don’t know what I will do with it next.

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