Orchid Seedlings

Seedlings are more delicate than mature or young plants so there are conditions that need to be met to give the seedlings the best chance to thrive.

This is the point at which your deflasked seedlings have been moved from their community pot and individually potted or you have purchased seedlings.

The conditions need to be consistent so no extremes of heat or light as the seedlings can be quickly overcome, humidity will need to be on the high side. The last thing the seedlings will need is high light, heat and low humidity.So they need regular and consistent attention to maintain good steady growth.

Seedlings require a fine grade potting mix as the roots are finer than mature plants, I use coconut husk with good results. So it is no good putting seedlings in to a large chunky bark mix as they will dry out too quickly.

Seedlings at this stage will be on my normal feeding regime which is at every watering at approx 1/4 strength, see my feeding article. I like to foliar feed and mist on regular occassions throughout summer.

When the seedlings have grown on and developed in to nice little plants they can be treated the same as mature plants.

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