Growing Masdevallia CD!

Growing Masdevallia CD, Everything on one CD for the successful growing of Masdevallia from the grower!

Masdevallia World by Sue Skittrell.

Growing Masdevallia CD

Growing Masdevallia CD, A fantastic resource for the growing of Masdevallia orchids, descriptions on the A-Z of Masdevallia species with photos and more!

This really is a wonderful CD and is a must for all Masdevallia lovers or orchid growers alike, there is so much on this CD from very detailed informative descriptions on the A-Z of Masdevallia species with accompanying photos!. If this wasn’t enough there are sections as follows;

A short History


Plant Anatomy

Culture section


Useful Addresses

Web Addresses

Screen Shots

The culture section alone has a index of; Temperature, Humidity, Light, Air, Watering, Spraying, Feeding, Potting, Pests & Problems.

The pest section alone has a index of; Slugs & Snails, Buds damping down, Greenfly, Leaf spotting, Leaf tip die back, Leaves damping off, Mealy bug, Spider mite, False spider mite, Scale insects, Vine weevil, Virus, Yellowing leaves.

As you can see this CD is packed with all you need to know about this beautiful and intriguing orchid the Masdevallia.

They really are gems of the orchid world.

Some photos and information on the website are taken with permission from the CD.

 The Technical Stuff


Windows 95 or higher, CD Rom or DVD drive the faster the speed of the drive the smoother the program will run.

Direct X 7 or higher and Direct media are required to run the disk.

These are both provided on the CD.

The CD will auto run when inserted.

                       This CD really is worth every penny, I often use it as a valuable reference resource.

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