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Storing Pleione Orchid bulbs

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Pleione are easy Orchids to grow and the majority of them require cold temperatures when dormant. Some, such as P. maculata flower in the Autumn and require a minimum temperature of 10c so this post won’t relate to this type with regards storage when dormant.

Simply, they aren’t much harder to grow than Tulips or Daffodils which require a dormant phase.

Once the leaves have done their job they will turn yellow and die just like most trees drop their leaves in Autumn, so this is the ideal time to start this task.

Remove all growing medium

Remove leaves and trim back the roots as they have done their job and no longer needed

Remove any debris that may promote rot

Place in a paper bag and store in the fridge (4c – 8c) Or store in a dry, cold, but frost free place.

They stay in cold storage until January/February, at which point they can be potted in to sphagnum moss or a fine bark mix, sometimes they can spurt in to growth in January/February whilst still in storage, so at this time give them a regular check over!

Yearly potting is best as the fresh medium will promote more potential for optimum growth.

Don’t store them in plastic bags as this can hold on to moisture which could promote rotting.

Happy Pleione Orchid growing!!


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