Upon Arrival

Here is information on what to expect and what to do when your new plants arrive.

This is basic information but will give you an idea of what to expect when you get that knock on your door when your plants arrive .

Firstly we use clean recycled boxes which is no detriment to the plants and helps to save on costs for us all and helps the environment.

Some of the plants maybe recent divisions so may become loose in transit, if this happens just replace the potting medium and gently firm or pot up in your own potting medium.

The plants won’t mind!

I put tissue paper around the base of the plant to hopefully prevent this from happening.

I have found that wrapping the plants in newspaper to be very effective in protecting the plants from damage also bubble wrap may be used, so be careful when unwrapping them as they are usually tightly packed.

So you have your new plant in front of you hopefully in one piece, now what?

Well, apart from enjoy! not a lot.

The plant may be ready for a drink if so then water,  it is also a good idea to let the plant acclimatize for a couple of weeks so protect from extremes of heat, light, humidity etc and i wouldn’t feed at this point.

It is always a good idea to treat any new plants for pests, no matter how good the source is!

After a couple of weeks your normal regime can begin.

Good Luck!

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